*BethanY* (faithlast4ever) wrote,

Valentine's was wonderful of course...Me and Chase went to eat at Sumo, that new japanese steak house. It was really good! Miranda and Chase ate there too, but we were there at different time..They were leaving when we sat down. I gave Chase a Dvd with like a slideshow of all our pictures ever made on it with the song " my valentine" by martina mcbride on it. It was really cute, and i gave him a build a bear with my voice in it when u push the paw, haha..and candy, and he gave me flowers and a picture frame with like 10 different pictures of us in it. I loved it! And he took me to eat...So yeh, it was a pretty good night. I didnt go to school today, i was soo tired. Whats everybodys plans this weekend?
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