*BethanY* (faithlast4ever) wrote,

I just love sundays..

I didnt go to church today, i stayed in all day long and watched a whole bunch of movies and layed on the couch and thats pretty much it haha. Chase came over after he got off work at 10. I look forward to 10 pm everyday, even if he only gets to stay for like 30 minutes, it makes my day.

School tomorrow. Yuck. Im really really trying to do good this semester, cause if i do really good the rest of this year and all of next year, i get to go to Shelton in Tuscaloosa when i graduate. Natalie is going there too. We have really been thinking about a whole lot as far as after graduation plans. we still have a year but i dont want it to sneak up on us..but we plan on getting an apartment together in tuscaloosa and go to shelton our first 2 years and then transfer to bama. We will be 2 of the very few auburn fans in ttown. haha, but what the heck, its where i wanna be. i look forward to it

im going to watch the incredibles hehe. Night!
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