*BethanY* (faithlast4ever) wrote,

whats up guys? i never update this thing anymore. well this weekend was pretty good i guess. Except last night on my way home from kyle's, i was at a stop light by arbys and firetrucks and ambulances came by and they were going towards the way to get to my grannys house, and my sister was in my car and she was like omg i hope they arent going for granny..and i had the wierdest gut feeling that they were..it was so strange, and i was soo close to getting in the turning lane and going towards her house, but then i was like, no..its prolly just someone else. But my dad woke me up this morning and said she had a bad car wreck. She was in her turning lane about to pull into her street and a car swurved and hit her head on. Shes really bruised up and she broke her foot. Please pray for her and our family..shes 75 years old and im sure its gonna be really hard for her to recover. Im gonna go stay with her though, and take care of her for a while. but anyway, shes really shaken up and scared..

On a better note, me,natalie,and melissa are stayin in ttown this weekend, and we are so excited. Lots of hot boys, lol

Im gettting really excited about prom! its gonna be fun.. i cant believe this school year is almost over..its so wierd to think we are gonna be seniors! im ready, hehe

im going to tan! bye
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