*BethanY* (faithlast4ever) wrote,

Last night was awesome, everyone went to joes crabshack for donnells birthday and we had alot of fun. After that me melissa and natalie went to pelham to see my friend jesse. and then on the way home from his house, eric (melissas boyfriend) pulls up right beside us with another girl in his truck. Obviously he has been cheatin on her. She broke up with him though thank god, that kinda ruined the night though, she ended up staying with me. poor thing..this morning kelly wonderbread and justin picked me up and we went to the warrior river and fished. we didnt catch anything but i did accomplish one thing. I baited a worm, hahaha that sounds gay put worms freak me out, so that was a big thing for me! i just got off work a little while ago. Now im at my memamas in helena. We ordered chinese and now we are watchin lifetime movies. In the morning we are going shopping! yayy...

Tomorrow, wow..what would have been? i wonder..wouldve been special. Time flies. feelings fade.

Goodnight everyone! I love You!
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