*BethanY* (faithlast4ever) wrote,

Today was fun, i took my sister four wheeler riding..me and nat went yesterday and found alot of trails, so i took my sister today..she had fun..

Tomorrow is Donnells birthday, he will be 17

This weekend..ummm, friday night im going out to eat with everyone at joes crabshack, and saturday morning me and Kelly are going fishing, then i have to work and im staying with my memama in helena that night cause we are going shopping sunday! Yay! Shopping is my love.

11 more days till Jackson Mississippi!! and 15 more days till PANAMA CITY! im soo excited!

Oh. and i have a prom date. her name is natalie. hahaha she was supposed to go with jesse, a guy i work with, and i was SUPPOSED to go with chris, but ya know..we figured we'd just go together. Its just our junior prom. I think it will be fun!

American Idol is coming on. bye
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