*BethanY* (faithlast4ever) wrote,

Well guys, just want everyone to know, last night was great! I had to work and chris picked me up from work and we went to wings and the movies! We went to the rave, but there was nothing worth seeing so we went to the dollar movies!! and we saw your,mine,and ours..It was a cute movie. But yeh, i like chris.Maybe this is the start of a newww beginning! Yay! Haha, this weekend flew by. Friday night me,donnell,wes,justin,pablo,kelly,and wonderbread went to rj gators to eat. We had fun, but i was the only girl and i got beat up alot, haha..Nat and Katie Posey was supposed to go but they went bowling with some colorguard people..Well, im bout to go to church, Bye!
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