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Things are gonna be lookin up pretty soon. This crap has happened one too many times, so my new solution is..Ive gotten rid of every memory, every picture, every note, and given them back to him. The things that i found left over are in my trash can. This isnt to be mean, i just cannot look at them or ill never ever move on. Im gonna hold my head up, have my friends close by and live my life the best i know how to without u in it. Bye love..

On the other hand, i dyed my sisters hair and well, its kinda orange, haha...

Ill be in PC one month from today! Woop woop!

Oh yeh, i thought i was getting a new black razr phone, but my brother found a pink one for 250 and thats the same price as the black one, so ill be getting that in the next week. Yayy, my phone i have now has been through heck, i needed another one..

Goodnight everyone!
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